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You could also make specific course groups every time you generate a batch of new coupons, so there's. Once the coupon code is entered by a user, he or she will be added as a cohort member for every. NOTE: When generating cohort level coupons, there is a possibility to "connect" extra courses to.

Without knowing this little fact, it could be "unexpected" behavior,. The needed user information for every coupon to be generated will be the user's name, email address.

HAVELLS - Electrician / Android app , Gift - Coupon Code से रुपये अपने बैंक खाते में भेजे

These coupons will then be generated and sent off to the appropriate users using a background task. If you choose the option to create a seperate PDF for every coupon,. Skip to main content.

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Home Plugins Blocks Coupon Description. You are not logged in. Log in. Maintained by Sebsoft Plugins , Rogier van Dongen. The Sebsoft Coupon Plugin offers you the possibility to create coupons for various levels of course access.

There are a few different ways of generating coupons: - Course level: this means one or more course s need to be selected for which the coupon is valid. This makes it possible to separate coupon users from regular users. The possibilities are numerous. Furthermore, coupons can be generated on two "access" levels: - Personalized. Also, whenever possible, do NOT use images that have an alpha channel. Every PDF takes the full amount of time to render. This is the site's frontpage or the user dashboard my page. The main reason for this is because the block is the "frontend" for users to enter their coupon or voucher code.

Administrators and users with the correct capabilities will also see the links to the coupon administration pages and the coupon generator page. The Moodle documentation shows it will attempt to enrol you using manual enrolment. For this reason manual enrolment MUST be enabled for these courses.

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For cohort type coupons, a user is made a member of a cohort. That's all there is to it. Surprise though, if you want to actually make a user have access to a course, you probably want to configure cohort enrolment for the course. For those paying attention, creating cohort type coupons thus enables a simple way of enrolling users into multiple courses at once just by configuring the right cohort enrolments in multiple courses. That's still not to say course coupons can't be used in a similar way using meta courses.

Useful links Website URL. Source control URL. Bug tracker. Sebsoft Plugins Lead maintainer. View other contributions. Early bird 3.

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Privacy friendly. Show comments. Harold Buck. Okay, I managed to get everything up and running, but I have an issue. What I would like to do is have one coupon code I can put into a training guide, so that anyone who has that code can register. I am not seeing that as an option.

I thought I had seen that before, but I might be conflating it with aMember. Sebastian Berm. Hi everyone, Ob: We've send you an e-mail on all adresses we have. Stephane; Moving blocks inside the template is not supported at this time, it's buildable, but would require customisation. Harold: One code good for uses? It is a feature for the ClassicPay plugin, but not for Coupon at this time. Will that work for your case? Wrina Iamwe. Hello, Moodle Version: 3. You can search for this page title in other pages, or let us know by posting about it in one of the Moodle community forums.

Rogier van Dongen. Hello Wrima, Can you confirm for us that, for the course s you've generated the coupons for, a manual enrolment instance is actually available, enabled and correctly configured? This is the most common mistake that seems to be made when making use of this plugin. When the sun comes out, you automatically look for your sunglasses.

Kid or adult, people want to look nice, especially when they see people flaunting reflectors or aviators.

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The Brand may ask for a valid Government identity proof at the time of redeeming the voucher. The customer would be liable to settle the Invoice. If a voucher gets blocked on account of the technical issue the voucher would be usable only post 72 hours. Payment Options.

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