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How to use this page: Find the drug you take and simply click on the insured or uninsured icon to link to the appropriate coupon offer. Please Note: The drug manufacturer copay card only provides a discount for the brand drug listed AND you must use it with your commercial insurance benefit.

This site provides access to multiple discount drug card vendors that use different PBMs. Different PBMs provide different discounts.

I have priced the specific medication listed with each discount drug card. You can also get the patient copay information from the insurance company. It would be nice if you could go online to get that info. Perhaps some insurances do that but I have never seen it if they do. Sep 2, Status Pharmacist. Unfortunately for you, I'm yet to find an eye drop that's worth targeting. The pharmacy doesn't make any money, and you're supporting the pharmacy on volume.

Zylet Prices

The patients don't use this pharmacy, because they'd rather use their insurance somewhere else. The "pharmacies" that you're directed to contract directly with the manufacturer to allow them to purchase these eye drops at a much lower price than their acquisition cost, and then they bill to the insurance for standard acquisition cost to make a profit that way. This only works for brand name drugs or for companies manufacturing generic drugs and only works with insurance. The idea that medicare does a poor job covering eye drops is laughable.


Medicare covers FDA covered medicine better than anyone, because legally they have to pay for drugs if they're written for an FDA-approved indication. Even if it doesn't meet their step criteria, a sternly worded letter saying "this is an approved indication" gets a denied PA overturned. If the patient "tolerates the brand name better" the the patient is going to "have to pay more money for the fancier drug.

I'd be happy to check their pricing for you. There used to be an independent pharmacy, they were bought out by a large chain in the state. Now the same chain owns both pharmacies in town.

The closest independent pharmacy is 45 minutes away. Or drive to a Costco 2 hours away and pay cash. But for some reason an online cash pharmacy is ridiculous? Reactions: CetiAlphaFive. Apr 29, 82 77 Status Pharmacist.

ExpressMaiL alea iacta est Pharmacist. I will consult you on how to open your own pharmacy. You need not have a pharmacist license to open a pharmacy in California. Rereading OP. As the others have mentioned, a pharmacy can not sustain based on just eye drops alone. John Detter said:. Why don't you get your secretary to call the patient's insurance company to get formulary info?

It might be a hit or miss if they let you know the copay, but at least you know what is Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.

Why the Valeant-Walgreens deal could save you money - MarketWatch

It would beat just blindly sending a script and hoping for the best. Heck, some insurance companies publish this information online. Alternatively, could you develop a protocol for your office staff? For example, if you have 3 drugs from the same class and you don't care which the patient gets, let your staff give a verbal script to change it to a predetermined acceptable alternative when the pharmacy calls. Of course, the legality of this may vary depending on your state laws.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Reflects on DERM2016

Also I'd like to say that pharmacies don't intentionally make prices a guessing game. Insurance aside, the price is determined by many things upstream that are beyond the control of any individual pharmacy and what you are proposing will not fix the problem.


Once again, it's called goodrx. Reactions: Dred Pirate. GoodRx is an estimated guess.

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I've used it to try and make a guess for a patient and it wasn't even close to the actual price. And I can't send in the script to GoodRx to guarantee me that price. Reactions: BidingMyTime and catalyzt. Can providers dispense in your state? You might not need a pharmacy at all. This is correct, unfortunately those drops work well for the patients but they are rarely covered.

I tell them this, give them some stupid coupon that doesn't work.

Valeant in new distribution deal with Walgreens

It makes me wonder how much it costs to buy these drops wholesale from the manufacturer, or is that not allowed in the Pharmacy industry? Because my secretary would have to call about a dozen or more different insurances that we take, an finding out about all the Tiers which probably change, and copays would take too much time and resources.

And for the record I don't blame the Pharmacy for any of this, it is the insurances that complicate everything. Essentially, this thread could be easily paraphrased as: "I don't like to do research or actually learn about things. I don't want to think critically about why an idea would or wouldn't work.

I want this to be easy for me at someone else's expense. An industry is not a business model. That's not what that word means. We all have pie in the sky wishes. Reactions: catalyzt and RxVampire. Jan 17, Status Pharmacist. Sep 22, Got a phone call from both pharmacies because neither one or both were not covered on formulary. I'm begging a someone out there in the internet world to give me a place I can just know what the price will be. No formulary, no copay, no deductibles, no calling to ask prices.

Just transparent prices at the cheapest point possible. And stop saying Goodrx. Nov 30, 79 78 Status Pharmacist. Pill said:. The most reasonable solution to your problem has already been mentioned. He can tack on whatever extra is necessary to adjust for minor fluctuations. If one of the prices skyrockets overnight then obviously the prices can be subject to change.

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